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QiGong and Tai Chi Practices

QiGong and Tai Chi are movement practices designed to help the body relax and become receptive, to enhance health and to give you greater ease in your body, emotions and life.  They help unleash your body's ability to heal itself and create the space for the body to move back into alignment and harmony.  Drawing from more than 10 years of personal practice and certification as an instructor of several forms, I can guide you through a therapeutic movement practice or help you cultivate one for your use at home.

QiGong is an ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that combines meditation, breathing techniques and movement of your physical body and movement of the energy within your body.  The name comes from the Chinese words Qi, meaning Life Force Energy and Gong, meaning work, exercise, cultivation or mastery.  It is sometimes called "Chinese Yoga" as it is a practice for mind-body-spirit alignment and moving into greater balance and harmony.  Some of the forms that I teach include: 24 Postures Therapeutic QiGong, Sheng Zhen (unconditional love) QiGong, Shibashu, Wuji Hundun Shamanic QiGong, Organ Cleansing QiGong and QiGong for Stress Relief.

Tai Chi is particular kind of QiGong which is a martial art that utilizes slow, gentle and flowing movements designed to improve health in the body and mind.  I am trained in several forms from the Tai Chi For Health Institute which draw from the Sun, Yang and Chen styles and are modified for optimal health benefits and safety.

No matter which form you choose, QiGong is a practice of remembering our wholeness and of connecting to and opening to receive the infinite potential available in the field of our existence.  Whether you choose to use this as a purely physical exercise or as a part of your spiritual growth and expansion, I trust that QiGong can be a transformative influence in your well-being.



“Susan Lucas is a gifted qigong, tai chi instructor who brings an elegant flow and grace to her instructions. She easily adapts movements to address physical limitations, and gives insight and meaning to the movements and each sequence. Her sessions are a loving, rejuvenating gift you give to yourself. ”

K.G. in Arlington, VA


Reiki is a healing energy that promotes healing, balance and well being in the receiver.  The name comes from two Japanese symbols: Rei meaning spiritual intelligence and Ki meaning life force energy.  Reiki delivers universal life force energy that inherently knows how to promote your highest good.

Reiki works to restore balance in the body and to promote health.  Many medical and psychological conditions can benefit from the use of Reiki, either alone or in combination with other therapies.  Some of the beneficial effects of Reiki include:

* Stress reduction

* A deep sense of relaxation

* Alleviation of pain or discomforts

* Clearing of toxins

* Strengthening the immune system

* Promoting the body's own healing mechanisms

A reiki treatment is given with the patient sitting or lying down, fully clothed.  The practitioner places her hands on different parts of the client's body and leaves her hands in various positions for as long as the Universal Life Force Energy is flowing.  Each person receiving Reiki will draw the amount of energy that meets his or her individual needs.  During the treatment you may feel tingling, warmth, movement, or you may not feel any sensations.  Most people feel relaxed and calm by the end the treatment.  Reiki has no harmful side effects.  Because it promotes healing, there may be short-term discomfort resulting from initial treatments.

Accunect Energy Balancing

Accunect is an Energy Medicine system created by Sarah Simonis and Dr. Don Ka'imi Pilipovich of Future Medicine Today, Inc.  Grounded in the Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 Element Theory, it is a powerful way to identify what in your system is ready to be in better balance.  Using a gentle tapping motion, I then deliver the healing intention to your nervous system and meridian system to create the possibility of meaningful change on all levels of your body and life.

Self-Care Coaching

Drawing from more than a decade of personal practice and formal training in Functional Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 Elements, Mindfulness and a variety of Meditation, Shamanic and Intuition techniques, I can help you add practices and skills to your Toolbox.  I am particularly interested in helping you answer the question of how you can best care for the unique individual that you are - physiologically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.  I do not have pre-conceived ideas or recommendations for you, but rather I have a curiosity, acceptance and a deep knowledge of the terrain that one must travel in answering questions about optimal nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation and other self-care topics.

Included in Self-Care is navigating our relationships to chronic health conditions.  I draw on my experience as a family practice physician as well as my QiGong training and spiritual understandings of healing to educate my clients about their diagnoses, treatments, and how their lifestyle choices intersect with their management and outcomes.  I believe that there is always the potential for healing, even if there is no option for cure.  And I have found that everyone can find their way to living with more ease and comfort in any health condition.   

Dr. Susan Lucas is one of the most knowledgeable and competent physicians I have ever had to privilege to work with.  She is not only very thorough, but also compassionate and empathetic.  She has a holistic approach to ailment and the physical body.  This multi-dimensional approach is what set her apart from others.  She is very gifted.  I will go as far as saying that she is a true healer.  Her bedside manners are second to none.  You know you are in good hands when you are with her.  She is a true gem.  Don’t just take my word for it.  See for yourself.”

M.S. in Fairfax, VA

Medical Decoding

What I have learned after more than 20 years in the medical profession is that your body is your greatest ally and that there is always much more health present in you than whatever is going "wrong".  The symptoms we experience, which sometimes get labelled and diagnosed as conditions or diseases, always have information for us that promotes our healing and wholeness.  Unfortunately, viewed through the lens of pathology and diagnoses these life-affirming messages can become garbled or unintelligible.  So often we have been conditioned to seek treatments and cures to treat our symptoms, while remaining ignorant of the root cause issues that will keep growing into our experience in new forms until addressed.

In Medical Decoding, I bring the fund of knowledge from the medical fields into the heart space and shed light on the possibilities and Truths that you may have become separated from.  Whether that means translating the messages of your body's symptoms and orienting you on your body as a map or helping you understand and navigate interactions with your health care providers, the end result is empowered well-being and support finding and walking your own unique path of healing.



New Client Meeting: up to 2 hours - $200

  • We will explore your experiences, aspirations and needs

  • Help crafting your own customized blend from our menu of offerings

  • An experience of being seen and begin orienting to possibilities

Energy Balancing Sessions: 60 to 75 minutes - $150

  • Customized blend according to your needs and intentions

  • Can include: Reiki, Accunect Balancing, Medical Qigong, Intuitive Guidance, Self-Care Practices


QiGong or Tai Chi Private Lessons: 45 minutes to 1 hour - $80

  • Individual or Small Groups Welcome

  • Recurring practice space or Training for your own home practice

  • As an add on to energy balancing session - 2 hour total for $200

Medical Decoding: $200 per hour

  • Help translating what your body and symptoms are telling you about your healing path

  • Healing past traumatic interactions with health care providers

  • Release the limits you have placed on what is possible for your optimal health and well-being

Self Care Coaching: $150 per hour

  • Learn self-care techniques to put in your toolbox

  • Access guidance and support for nutrition, lifestyle and supplement choices

  • Explore and release limiting beliefs, karma and energetic blocks keeping you from optimally caring for yourself

  • Inspiration and Insights to guide your explorations


Guided Meditation Experience or Meditation Training: $150 per hour

  • Variety of styles and traditions available

  • Willing to help you find your own customized blend

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