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Susan Lucas, M.D.

Board Certified Family Practice Physician

Reiki Master (Usui and Holy Fire)

Certified Qigong and Tai Chi Instructor
Accunect Practitioner

Speciality Training in Functional Medicine

Shamanic Practitioner

Ordained Minister

Dr. Lucas has devoted her career to the frequency of Healing.  After graduating from Baylor College of Medicine, completing a family practice residency and working as a conventional doctor for several years, she began seeking ways to offer healing and not just treatment for the dis-ease she encountered in her patients.  This path led to extensive training in spirituality, energy healing modalities and internal arts.  With Mindful Medical Care Dr. Lucas offers customized consultations that blend her experiences with Western Medicine, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Embodiment Practices and Intuition.

Susan’s passion is reacquainting people with their nature as whole beings and helping them make contact with and work in the infinite field of energy in which we exist.  She uses her internal arts practices as a path to living in right relationship with her self on physical, emotional and spritual levels.  Susan draws from her knowledge of the physical body as a physician and the energy body from her studies of Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation and Reiki.  Using these tools, Susan helps people find compassion, clarity, discernment and transformative energy for healing journeys toward optimal expression of their vitality.

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About This Space

Non-judgmental Awareness with No Pressure and No Agenda

Attuned to the Unique Wisdom of Your Own Body and Process

Focused Presence and Intention in service to your Aspirations
Light to Find Your Way Through Whatever Experience is Present for You Now

Grounded in Medical Knowledge from Western and Eastern Traditions 

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